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Well I think my husband has one over Buddy from the “Cake Boss”.  My husband delivered a cake to Cologne Germany 4445 miles and it made it in on piece.

Here’s what they had to say.

Nadine Boden This is a cake! My colleague Al Schroeder brought it over to me from Louisville, Kentucky. Thanks a lot, Al! This is amazing! Thanks Tetyana! You are a star!! Check out Tetyana's homepage:

Nathalie Nikolaou-Charlier Super geil! Hab mir die Homepage angeschaut, echt tolle Sachen! Wenn die auch noch alle so super schmecken...!!! Hhmmmm

Andrea Leiter Wow, das ist ja der Waaaaahnsinn! Was für eine geile und vor allen Dingen individuelle Torte! So etwas find' ich echt total genial!!! War bestimmt ne hammer lange Arbeit...! Möcht auch so ne coole Torte! ;)

Andrea Leiter P.S.: Tetyana hat diesen Job echt drauf!!! Congratz! Tetyana you have my respect! That's more than words can say! Your are talented beyond belief!!!

 Hi Tetyana,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the perfect cactus cake you made for us in Cologne, Germany! WE LOVE IT! You are a star. I really can't believe how real it looks! I will email Al some pictures that you can post on your homepage, if you want, I think not many cakes made it to Cologne out of Louisville. :)
You really do a good job, I bet you make a lots of people very happy. You put a smile on my face and on the faces of my family and colleagues here in Germany. We never saw something like that before. It was the highlight of the day, everyone took pictures of the cake and all checked out your homepage. :)

Thanks again and greetings from snowy Cologne,